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Energy Ocean International

TechVision21 Senior VP Anita Balachandra to present

Harnessing the Ocean: Policy and Funding Options to Explore the Depths of Wave, Tidal and Ocean Thermal Energy

June 18-21 2012 Boston – Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is a largely untapped, green technology with great potential.  This is a U.S. technology that can be deployed globally – generating high value jobs and revenues – that has been largely ignored for 30 years after a Carter-era program culminated in a small, successful prototype demonstration.

OTEC works in a closed cycle system where warm surface-level water vaporizes a working fluid, the vapor drives a turbine, which generates electricity, and the vapor is then condensed by cold deep seawater.

Ms. Balachandra will outline: the policy, R&D investments and the role that five federal agencies can play to give OTEC a larger role in providing the world with clean technology.