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Tech Based Economic Development 

Nations everywhere have recognized that technology is the engine of economic growth. For example, technology accounts for more than half of US economic growth during the last 50 years, and even higher levels in Europe. America’s most prosperous regions and states are home to technology-intensive clusters comprised of related companies, universities, entrepreneurial networks, and supporting organizations connected through an innovation ecosystem. These clusters attract investment and business activity from around the globe.

The Federal government is investing hundreds of billions of dollars to stimulate the formation and growth of these clusters in the United States, through investments at the state, regional, and local levels in proof-of-concept and commercialization programs, early-stage seed capital funds, broadband and smart grids, renewable and clean energy projects, work force skills development, science and research parks and centers, and projects that stimulate the growth of advanced manufacturing. 

TechVision21 helped clients win grants to support development of advanced manufacturing and clean energy technology research centers.