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Research & Analysis


Do you have the facts, figures, and intelligence you need to give you a competitive edge?

The work of our foundation is serious and complex. We work with Kelly and her team because they are deep thinkers, excellent writers, great strategists, and they know how to get real work done. They have contributed greatly to our success.

Ann Liebshutz

Executive Director, U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Foundation

TechVision21’s seasoned experts understand science, technology, energy, and business, and the government policies and competitive environment that affect them.

Our expert analysts will:

  • identify market opportunities, technology trends, and potential partners;
  • provide economic and policy insights;
  • assess potential impacts on your enterprise; and
  • devise strategies for your success.

Our analysts conduct “think tank” quality research and analysis, and develop and deliver compelling publishable reports and presentations.



Our leading edge research and insights can keep you ahead of the curve…and ahead of the competition.

  • What major economic, social and political trends are emerging that could transform your business?
  • What’s happening in the global marketplace?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Who might be a strategic ally or coalition partner?
  • How can you capitalize on technology and market trends?
  • What regulations affect your business—at home and globally?
  • What are the facts? The numbers? The logic? The politics?
  • Where are the pitfalls? The opportunities?
  • What’s the latest information on the issues and politics that could impact your bottom line?