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Innovation Policy

Kelly Carnes and her team have led Presidential-level technology initiatives, giving them unique insights into how Federal science and technology programs work across the government. Their recommendations were enormously helpful to our efforts.

Marc Cummings

Former Director, Policy & External Affairs, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories

Washington Monument

With rising competition and emergence of low-cost producers around the world, and rapid advancements in revolutionary technologies, the United States must increasingly rely on innovation to compete and stimulate economic development, growth, and job creation. Today, every level of government—Federal, state, regional, and local—is instituting policies and programs, and making investments to spur innovation and build innovation capacity.


The Federal government is a major supporter of these efforts through:

  • Investing $165 billion in research, technology development and demonstration in a wide range of scientific and technical fields
  • Tax incentives for private R&D and clean energy technology manufacturing
  • Comprehensive legislation to spur innovation and competitiveness
  • Financial support and technical assistance for modernizing manufacturing
  • Regulations that promote innovation
  • Licensing to commercialize Federal research results
  • Investments to train scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and technical workers
  • Efforts to improve K-12 math and science education
  • Investments in high-tech infrastructure
  • Financing for early-stage businesses
  • Financing for advanced manufacturing facilities
  • Support to establish and grow regional innovation hubs, business incubators, and technology commercialization programs