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Federal Funding

TechVision21 has helped us develop a competitive step-by-step strategy that resulted in winning proposals for Federal funding. They are able to effectively engage Federal R&D agencies throughout Washington, D.C. This is a professional team that knows how to provide client support from idea to winning strategy. Techvision21 is a critical member of our team.

Dan Armbrust


us treasury buildingAccessing Federal Funding and Business Opportunities

Federal Funding


As former high-ranking government officials and veterans of numerous funding debates, we know Federal funding programs. We even created some of them . Our expertise spans a wide range of Federal agencies and issues, including research and development, science and technology policy and programs, homeland security, energy, economic development, infrastructure, broadband deployment, education, and workforce development. We can help you:

  • Identify funding opportunities—including competitive grant programs and discretionary grant opportunities — that match your needs and interests.
  • Develop a funding “win” strategy and compelling message.
  • Navigate the process: We know where to look, what to look for, whom to contact – when and how.
  • Develop an outstanding proposal.
  • Forge alliances with public and private sector partners to help achieve your goals.
  • Work with Congressional appropriators to secure funding for your priority projects.
Business Opportunities


TechVision21’s seasoned team of experts leverages our knowledge of the business, technology, and policy landscape, and our presence in Washington, D.C., to help you:

  • Identify opportunities and leads.
  • Determine the value of grants versus contracts.
  • Create and execute a winning “Go to Market” strategy.
  • Target your products and services to specific agency interests.
  • Forge strategic relationships to extend your reach.
  • “Federalize” your brand.
  • Meet the players who can help you achieve your goals.