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Reestablishing and expanding U.S. onshore microelectronics production will advance U.S. economic and national security, and create tens of thousands of new jobs.



Microelectronics are the foundational technology for the U.S. economy, national security, and the function of American society. However, in recent years, concern has risen significantly about the shift of microelectronics fabrication to Asia and the security of the supply of these critical components for the United States. As a result, Federal leaders have taken major steps to retain, re-establish, and expand U.S. domestic microelectronics design, development, and fabrication capabilities. This includes investing tens of billions of dollars in support for new microelectronics fabrication facilities, new research and manufacturing centers, R&D, and workforce education and training.

TechVision21 has worked with clients—the SEMATECH industry consortium, a global microelectronics producer, microelectronics start-ups, a semiconductor manufacturing research center, and the U.S. military—to:

• Secure Federal support for microelectronics R&D
• Win tens of millions in Federal support for a PV manufacturing R&D center
• Secure substantial Federal funding for specialized infrastructure and R&D programming for a high-mix semiconductor manufacturing research center, and
• Characterize a military service branch’s civilian microelectronic workforce, identify areas of challenge, and craft a workforce development and recruitment strategy