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TechVision21 has closely followed the growing alarm over U.S. vulnerabilities in microelectronics needed for national defense and other critical applications in areas such as banking, infrastructure, and transportation.



Semiconductor industrial capacity is increasingly found outside of the United States, and the U.S. supply of microchips is being fabricated largely in factories spread across Asia—putting the supply of microelectronics for U.S. national and economic security needs at risk.

There is also growing concern about China’s $150 billion plan targeting development of the entire semiconductor ecosystem. In its National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021, Congress passed the bi-partisan CHIPS Act—authorizing a range of new microelectronics research and development, venture capital for microchip start-ups, workforce development, and incentives to locate semiconductor fabrication in the United States. President Biden’s new American Jobs Plan calls on Congress to invest $50 billion in semiconductor manufacturing and research, as called for in the CHIPS Act.The need for action is particularly urgent for national security and U.S. military capabilities.

In February, the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) released How to On-Shore Critical Semiconductor Production, Secure the Supply Chain, and Provide Access for the Industrial Base, its assessment of national security microelectronics challenges, and the steps the Federal government can take to encourage onshore production and secure the supply chain to meet U.S. critical semiconductor needs. Recommendations address areas such as government procurement, export controls, supply chain security, intellectual property protection, workforce development, and research and development including public-private partnerships and collaboration with U.S. allies.

Kelly Carnes, President and CEO of TechVision21, was pleased to contribute to the report. The NDIA report can be accessed at: https://www.ndia.org/-/media/sites/ndia/divisions/electronics/images—resources/ndia-on-shore-semiconductor-products-supply-chain-and-industrial-base-white-paper-final.ashx

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