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Carol Ann Meares

Carol Ann Meares
Vice President Policy

camCarol Ann joined TechVision21 as Vice President for Policy after an outstanding 30-year career with the Federal government, including 17 years as a Senior Policy Analyst in the U.S. Department of Commerce. Working at high-levels of government on a wide range of national science and technology issues, she developed deep expertise in: technology and science policy, the U.S. research and development enterprise, innovation management, the science and engineering workforce, industrial competitiveness, advanced technologies for education and training, and the defense industrial base. She is co-author of Technology and the National Interest, an Executive Office of the President report on technology policy. She also was the architect of the White House National Science and Technology Council’s Working Group on Advanced Technologies for Education and Training, a policy initiative involving 14 Federal departments and agencies.

Carol Ann is an expert on the dynamics of the information technology (IT) workforce, including recent trends in IT offshoring. She is co-author of three seminal reports on this subject: Workforce Globalization in IT Services and Software, U.S. Department of Commerce; Education and Training for the Information Technology Workforce, Report to Congress from the Secretary of Commerce, June 2003; and The Digital Work Force: Building Infotech Skills at the Speed of Innovation, U.S. Department of Commerce, June 1999.

In addition to her policy analysis work, Carol Ann served for ten years as Director of the Commerce Productivity Center, a service that provided thousands of organizations with information on how to improve productivity and quality. By providing this assistance, she gained deep knowledge of manufacturing management, Japanese manufacturing methods, organizational change, productivity and quality improvement methods, and work force skills, organization, and management.