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Carol Ann Meares


Carol Ann Meares
Vice President Policy

camMs. Meares has more than 35 years of public and private sector experience in innovation, technology policy, Federal R&D and technology initiatives, industrial competitiveness, and manufacturing. At TechVision21, she provides consulting services to corporations, small businesses, governments, research universities, and non-profits in innovation and technology commercialization, Federal R&D funding, science and technology policy, and the STEM workforce. Work has involved a range of cutting-edge clean energy, automotive, nanotechnology-based, semiconductor, software, telecommunications, materials, sensor, advanced manufacturing, and agricultural technologies. She joined TechVision21 after an outstanding career with the Federal Government, including serving for 17 years as Senior Policy Analyst in the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Technology Administration (and its predecessor the Office of Productivity, Technology, and Innovation), working at high levels of government on a wide range of national science and technology issues. 


Ms. Meares is a respected analyst and thought leader on the changing global competitive landscape and technology disruption. She serves as a senior advisor to the Council on Competitiveness, the Nation’s premiere competitiveness and innovation leadership organization comprised of business CEOs, university presidents, national laboratory directors, and labor leaders. Her services to the Council include research and leading-edge analysis, report writing, and speech development and writing for the Council’s President and CEO.


She has authored policy and landscape reports on technology, competitiveness, and innovation for prominent government and non-profit organizations; authored two mandated Reports to Congress on the IT workforce; led data analyses on the military’s STEM and microelectronics-related workforce; and played a pivotal role in developing client proposals that have secured tens of millions in Federal research and technology grant funding. She developed the criteria for award of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the Nation’s highest award for technological innovation and achievement, bestowed by the President of the United States, as well as the first Defense Critical Technologies/Industrial Base Scenarios for Naval War Games.


She has developed content concepts for and drafted numerous speeches, Congressional testimony, articles, and editorials for Federal government Cabinet and sub-cabinet officers, and non-profit and company CEOs, often translating complex issues and information for presentation to non-experts.