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The United States has a long history as a leader of global innovation and of funding pioneering technologies that prove to be of benefit to the nation. The present moment is no exception. In fact, the next decade is likely to see increased involvement from the Federal government bringing to market the most innovative technologies under development. Author Kelly Carnes identifies the current moment as a golden age of opportunity for American innovators to partner with government, a moment in which there is bipartisan support for investing more aggressively in the development and deployment of leading-edge technology.

Next Generation Innovation collects insights from Carnes’ experience as an attorney for technology companies, her time spent working as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology in the Office of Technology Policy, and her current entrepreneurial effort, TechVision21―a company offering exclusive assistance to technology visionaries interested in doing well by doing good for the nation. TechVision21 offers its clients the opportunity to collaborate with an expert team that is deeply knowledgeable about theories and models of innovation, the history of science and technology policy, and the details of U.S. government programs and budget-making processes.