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Kelly Carnes Articles & Publications List

The Honorable Kelly H. Carnes

President and Chief Executive Officer, TechVision21


At the Commerce Department, Ms. Carnes directed the research, writing and publication of more than 25 reports on innovation, technology and competitiveness issues, including:

The Digital Work Force: Building Infotech Skills at the Speed of Innovation (PDF Format) (June 1999) and America’s New Deficit (September 1997): these highly influential reports describe the nation’s challenge in developing a world class digital work force, and recommend actions key stakeholders must take to address the challenge.

The Globalizing Research and Development (PDF Format) (1999 and 1996): ground-breaking reports describing the scope of foreign R&D investments in the U. S. and American investments abroad, and assessing the impact of these investments on America’s technological leadership.


The Technology in the National Interest (PDF Format) a statement by President Clinton on America’s technology policy for economic growth, exploring the history and economic results of U.S. policy, and articulating the Clinton Administration’s framework, plans and policies.

 The Tech Transfer 2000 and Effective Partnering (1996) (PDF Format) reports to Congress assessing the effectiveness of the federal government’s technology transfer policies and research partnerships, and making recommendations for improving the effectiveness of technology development and transfer mechanisms