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TechVision21 Welcomes OceanExchange!


Time: 9:00AM – 1:00PM
Date: Tuesday May 16, 2017
Venue: 1455 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, 8th floor
RSVP KArens@TechVision21.com

TechVision21 is pleased to present a symposium featuring sustainability solutions with military and industrial applications. This forum will convene public and private sector decision-makers as well as four small businesses showcasing their award-winning products for energy-efficiency and remediation.

The Sustainability Symposium will feature technologies that directly address these challenges by dramatically improving commercial building efficiency, structural durability of coastal construction, and water remediation processes for both industrial and natural waterways.

The program will feature five exciting companies:

  • *QCoefficient: Bill Hedeman
  • *Bandalong: Gary Hopkins
  • *ECOncrete: Andrew Rella
  • ABS Materials: Steve Spoonamore
  • Micronic Technologies: Karen Sorber

TechVision21 is delighted to welcome the OceanExchange, a platform for accelerating the adoption of sustainability solutions. The OceanExchange has awarded over $1.1 million in grants to companies developing solutions that reduce waste and conserve natural resources.